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1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R - SOLD
77,000 miles


  • F-Max stainless quarter wave tuned tubular manifold with Burns collector specced by our very own Mike Kojima
  • Swain Tech White Lightning Coating on manifold and turbine housing
  • HKS dual ball bearing GT3037 Turbo
  • HKS EVC EZ Boost Controller (simple turn it on and crank it up controller)
  • Original cryogenic treated transmission with heavy duty Clutchnet clutch and 2200lb pressure plate
  • JUN Light flywheel
  • Aquamist Water Injection system
  • JWT ECU with Daughterboard for water injection
  • JWT MSD 72 lb injectors
  • JWT S3 cams
  • MSD Ignition - car can also run stock ignition
  • Walbro fuel pump & FTF fuel rail
  • Full 3” mandrel bent exhaust with V-band clamps and a race pipe for running leaded racing gas
  • Shigspeed Suspension: Koni yellow inserts with adjustable rebound and dampening. 
  • Ground Control camber plates and front and rear strut tower braces.
  • I also have an un-used set of Modivational front and rear dampers that will go to the new owner.  (Cost $800)
  • OZ Supeleggera Wheels
  • Fastbrakes - Willwood 4 piston superlight calipers 12" rotors and red anodized top hats
  • G-Spec - Maxima Rear brakes on slotted rotors
  • G-Spec - Altima master cylinder  (Nissan OEM)
  • High-end Boston Pro 50 and SR-95 Speakers and Amplifier
  • 2 gauge a-piller bracket color matched to interior (never installed)
This folks is about as cheap as speed gets.  The old saying goes “Speed is money, how fast do you want to go?”  Over the years I’ve spent plenty of money and had lots of fun with the car.  But, even the best chapters in life come to an end and the time has come to sell the “Classic.”

The car has dynoed 366hp to the wheels at 18psi of boost.  We stopped at 18psi because the air flow was choking due to the small air-filter put on the car by F-Max when they built the kit.  With a larger air-filter this car should be in the mid 400hp range with more boost and a retune.  The turbo is over 70% efficient at 24psi of boost so there’s plenty of headroom for those brave enough to crank the boost.  Power at 11.6psi (wastegate spring) is 280hp to the wheels.  This car is not super laggy like other big turbo 4 cylinder cars.  Boost builds just under 3k RPM and makes 3psi at 3,000 RPM.  At 3200 the turbo makes 5psi and just after 4K RPM the car reaches the wastegate setting of 11.6psi.  Anything past half throttle in 1st and 2nd gear will spin the tires and at times 3rd gear will break loose at full throttle.

Other than the first two years I owned the car it has never been a daily driver and has mostly sat in a garage, under a cover or both (the engine gets turned over about once a month).  I am the second owner and have had the car for the last 18 years.  The turbo system has about 7,000 miles on it.

The following items have been recently changed / replaced

  1. Drivers side axle with a high quality Raxles axle to replace torn CV boot
  2. Both front wheel bearings because the car sat in the garage so long
  3. The lower control arm end links were also replaced
  4. 4 quarts of Redline Heavy Shockproof when the CV boot was replaced
  5. Flushed the Koyo Radiator with 50/50 coolant/water mix and a bottle of Redline Water Wetter
  6. 4 fresh quarts of Mobile 1 Synthetic and a factory oil filter both of which I’ve always run on the car
  7. New rubber fuel lines front and rear with new fuel filter
  8. PIAA wiper blades
The car needs:

  • The brake fluid flushed
  • A new set of tires and an alignment.  Currently the car has a set of BF Goodrich Geforce TA KD’s which are no longer made.  I would suggest getting the stickiest DOT tire available. Size 205/40/17 (the Falken Azenis RT-615k comes to mind)
  • The AC converted to R134 and a new AC line to the compressor and seals if this is important to the new owner

As with most project cars I don’t expect half of the money invested.  Friends of mine bought and sold cars like this for $10,000-15,000 years ago but I've been told those days are long gone.  The turbo kit with the transmission work was approximately $10K.  There’s another $10K with all the other parts (wheels, suspension, brakes, etc) added to the car in addition to the value of the car itself.  Kelly Blue Book lists the value at $2,000.  I’ve looked around at other forums and seen other boosted SR20’s for $3,000-$6,000.  This is not a used parts bin car and as such should be at the top of the market range.  This car has always been well taken care of and I never went cheap when it came to parts for the car.  This is evidenced by the two SE-R Convention trophies the car has won (which will go to the new owner) and that the car is still on the original modified transmission.

I’m fully disclosing the history of the car so there are no surprises.  Both the front and rear drivers side fenders have been replaced.  The rear driver-side fender was replaced after I was run off the road and hit a guardrail and the front was replaced when someone hit the car while parked in a parking lot.  Both times the car was fixed to factory levels with OEM parts and the car has a clean title.  I used to detail cars and was ready to sell the car after these incidents but the shop that did the work did such a good job I was happy with the car all over again.  Both bumpers have been stripped and re-sprayed to get rid of rock chips.  There are a hand full of minor door dings down the driver and passenger side.  I tried to capture these dings in the images but they didn’t show up.   I loosely use the word pristine when describing a Sentra but anyone who has seen this car in person will assure it's a prime example.  The transmission also has a slight weep from where the case was re-welded for strength.  The weep is so minor that I’ve NEVER had a drop of transmission fluid hit the garage floor.  I'll be happy to cover every inch of the car with prospective buyers.

There will be no joy-rides and I require a cash offer ready to buy for a test drive.  This is a perfect car to show up to Car’s and Coffee, a track day or drive daily if you’re hard-core like that.  The motor could also be used for a dune buggy or the car can be converted over for track use but I’m not interested in a part out.  That decision is up to the future owner.  It isn’t difficult to get 20-24mpg out of the car driving around town and 28mpg on the highway as long as your foot isn’t buried in the throttle all day.  All prospective buyers can e-mail me at turboser@motoiq.com or have a public discussion on the Project SE-R forum thread on MotoIQ.  The MotoIQ Project Articles have a good deal of the background on the car.  Unfortunately, the NPM articles have been disabled on the wayback machine on the internet archive but I can dig those up for the new owner.

Price: $6,000.00 

View a video of the kit

*** Installation Available ***


For seriously modified Camaros, we offer our single turbo system in a tuner version. This system comes with all the major components, but does not include fuel injectors, spark plugs, engine tuner, and some hardware. You can even choose a different turbo option than the T76 Ceramic Ball Bearing used on our full bolt on system. Depending on the chosen turbo, this setup is capable of supporting custom Camaro setups of up to 800 crankshaft Horsepower.


Major components:

·         Choice of Turbonetics turbos 76mm or larger with a T4 tangential turbine housing

·         Massive Spearco front mount intercooler with a 4.5x26x11” core

·         2 Turbonetics Evolution 35mm wastegates

·         Turbonetics Duo 35 by-pass valve

·         T304 stainless steel TIG welded exhaust plumbing

·         Aluminum intercooler and air intake plumbing

·         Hardware kit (fasteners, gaskets, clamps, instructions, etc.)





Note: This system does not meet current emissions standards in California or in many other jurisdictions.  As such, this system is designed for use in closed course racing applications only, and is not designed or intended for use on a public highway. It is customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that this system is used in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Turbonetics shall not be held liable for unlawful vehicle operation, and customer assumes all risks and expenses relating thereto. 

This kit ships free in the lower 48 states.

Regular Price: $6,445.00
 On Sale For: $5,999.99 

Turbonetics’ complete, bolt on single turbo kit takes your 2005-2009 Mustang GT from 300 Crankshaft HP (320lb/ft) to approximately 560HP (400lb/ft) at just over 8psi of boost. With boost pressure building to 6psi at only 3500rpm, turbo lag is virtually eliminated. The installation can be completed in a day with normal mechanics tools. No cutting or fabrication is required - this kit comes with everything needed to transform a tame Mustang into a 560HP beast.


The Turbonetics turbo kit runs cooler and at lower boost pressures than comparable supercharger kits, ensuring years of dependable performance for your 4.6l engine.


Main features:

·         60 series Ceramic Ball Bearing turbo,

·       60mm compressor inducer

·         Spearco Front Mount Air to Air Intercooler

·         Evolution 35mm external wastegate                                   

·         Diablo hand held ECU re-flash tool

·         All exhaust and intake plumbing

·         All mounting hardware included

·         50 state emissions legal

*** Installation Available ***

All system components mount to existing factory locations and maintain all original equipment, including factory air conditioning. With Turbonetics Turbo Systems you no longer have to worry about having your vehicle out of operation for 4-6 weeks in order to get a custom turbo kit fabricated. Our kits can easily be installed in less than a day.


ECU Re-Flash:

• No additional piggy-back system required
• No additional wires to cut, splice or connect
• Retains all factory accessories and sensors
• Uploader included to flash ECU with new program
• Ability to re-flash ECU back to stock settings
• No additional tuning required
• Modified fuel and timing maps


Included in kit:

·         Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbocharger

·         Turbonetics Evolution External Wastegate

·         Spearco Front Mount Intercooler

·         Bosch By-Pass Valve

·         T304 Stainless TIG Welded Exhaust Piping which includes

o    From stock Cat Converters to Turbocharger

o    From Turbocharger back to stock exhaust system

o    From wastegate discharge into exhaust downpipe

·         Aluminum TIG Welded and polished Intake Piping from turbocharger to intercooler to throttle body

·         Silicon molded hose for connection to the stock airbox

·         8x 39 lb/hr fuel injectors

·         Fuel Pump Controller, pre-programmed (boost referenced) with harness

·         8x Spark Plugs, Early style, 1 heat range colder than stock 

·         8x Spark Plugs, Late style, 1 heat range colder than stock

·         Thermostat (used for later style '07-up)

·         High flow aftermarket air filter used in a stock configuration

·         Diablo hand held ECU programmer with pre-loaded Turbonetics CARB legal program

·         De-gas reservoir

·         Turbine housing and tube wrap heat shielding

·         Hardware kits including fasteners, fittings, gaskets, clamps, hoses, and oil lines 

Regular Price: $6,998.96
 On Sale For: $6,499.99 

The “world’s fastest track sentra” is for sale! You can see it on the track at the following link:

Here’s a link to the Sport Compact Car Magazine article covering the event featured in that video where this car competed (Super Street/Sport Compact Time Attack Challenge) where the car placed 2nd in class and 5th overall. The SE-R is mentioned a few places in the article:

Over $30k invested. Below is a pretty comprehensive list of all the options/accessories on it… I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. More pictures at the end… This car is fully sorted and very fast. Needs very little to be running in front and competing.

$9,500 or best offer (don't even consider low-balling)

  • Sr20de longblock
  • GT3037 Turbo
  • 46mm TiAl wastegate & Flange
  • GTI-R manifold with divorced wastegate flange
  • 72lb/hr Rochester Injectors
  • Cobra MAF and adapter plug
  • Aquamist water injection system
  • Greddy Type-R BOV
  • 24" x 6" Griffen intercooler core
  • JWT solid motor mounts
  • JWT Fuel Rail
  • OEC remote mount oil filter setup
  • Custom 3” exhaust exiting front bumper with divorced wastegate exhaust

Computer/Engine Control: 
  • JWT ECU Programming (injectors/hi-lo octane/water injection/subtractor circuit)
  • Blitz Dual SBC Boost Controller
  • Blitz Dual Turbo Timer and Harness

  • Goodrich stainless steel brake lines
  • Fastbrakes BABK. (11.75” rotor Wilwood brakes)

  • NuTech lower control arm brace
  • Energy Suspension full bushing kit
  • Ground Control Camber Plates
  • Hot-Bits double adjustable, remote reservoir coil-overs

  • P11 LSD trans
  • Clutch Specialties clutch

Cooling System:
  • Overflow tank
  • 22/24 PSI lever style cap
  • Moroso Expansion Tank
  • Fluidyne radiator (55mm core, 24" X ~15.5” tall)
  • Silicone radiator hoses

  • Sparco Curva pedals
  • Sparco Corsa seats (pair) and brackets
  • Sabelt 6pt harnesses (pair)
  • Sparco wheel: Model 313
  • Sweet Manufacturing Quick Release Steering Hub (part # SWE801-70004)
  • switch panel/push button starter
  • PI digital dash
  • Autometer Sport-Comp fuel and oil temp gauges
  • Lightweight battery
  • Battery disconnect switch (Sytec Battery Master Switch, 6-pole)
  • Blue ribbon window net

Other Body/Aero:
  • Poly Side Skirts
  • 7's Only Racing custom rear wing
  • Carbon Fiber hood
  • Percy's Speedglass Lexan Windshield
  • 8pt rollcage, chassis tabs, seam welded chassis
  • Full painted interior (except for crossbar behind seats)

  • ATS 17”x7.5”
  • 225/45-17 Continental Grand-Am spec slicks. (have an extra 5 tires)
Price: $9,500.00 

*** Installation Available ***

For those wanting to customize their turbo setup, Turbonetics offers the kit for the 2005-2009 Mustang GT V8 4.6l (manual transmissions) as a tuner kit. The kit comes with the same turbo as in the complete system.


Contact us to learn more about price and availability of different turbo options (turbos available up to 800HP).


Main features:

·          60 series Ceramic Ball Bearing turbo

·        60mm compressor inducer

·         Spearco Front Mount Air to Air Intercooler                                       

·         Evolution 35mm external wastegate

·         All exhaust and intake plumbing

·         All mounting hardware included


Not included:

·         Spark plugs

·         Injectors

·         Air Filter

·         Handheld tuner

·         Fuel pump controller

·         Thermostat

·         Misc. Hardware


This system does not meet current emissions standards in California or in many other jurisdictions.  As such, this system is designed for use in closed course racing applications only, and is not designed or intended for use on a public highway. It is customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that this system is used in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Turbonetics shall not be held liable for unlawful vehicle operation, and customer assumes all risks and expenses relating thereto.

Regular Price: $5,279.16
 On Sale For: $4,999.99 


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