Braille 17lb, 1191 pulse cranking amps, 475cca, 23amp/hr 2yr warranty - Left Side Positive Terminal

Braille 17lb, 1191 pulse cranking amps, 475cca, 23amp/hr 2yr warranty - Left Side Positive Terminal
Price: $165.99
17lbs/7.7kg 1191 Pulse Cranking Amps 23 Amp/Hr Reserve 6.8” x 4.0” x 6.1" Left Side Positive B2317 - Features 1 Designed for Dual Batteries - 24V At under 17 pounds, the B2317 is the left positive terminal designed to be a dual battery twin with the B2317R (right side positive) option. The dimensions are designed to run 2 batteries in the space of just 1 normal battery. This allows more reliability or 24 volt performance. 3 V8 Year Round Racing Performance The B2317 and B2317R are the lightest batteries recommended for year round racing use for 4, 6 and 8 cylinder motors. In extreme cold climates, Braille recommends running a dual battery format. 5 Exclusive Brass Auto Terminals Included with every Braille Auto Battery are patent pending high quality brass SAE terminals. Designed to distribute the electrical load into and out of the battery. Designed for high amperage, high stress use of racing and audio competitions. 7 Solid Top Lead Connectors Shaken, not stirred - From 6 "G" NHRA drag launches, to 4 G cornering loads in Indy this design holds the internals firmly in place. 2 Exclusive Dual Terminal Design A Braille Battery exclusive! This feature allows the battery to be mounted in a variety of positions. It is designed to accept racing, powersports and automotive terminals vertically and horizontally. This allows mulitple battery set ups with ease. 4 Stainless Steel Terminals Stop loose battery connections with our robust stainless steel threads. These heli-coil design threads allow higher bolt torque and help keep your battery connected even in high vibration environments. 6 Green from Start to Finish We employ a manufacturing process with the highest concern for the environment and quality. Recycled lead, plastic and stainless steel ensure we'll have a future to race towards. 8 Performance Certified - Fully Charged Every Braille Battery is individually tested and certified before shipping, eliminating DOA batteries. Fully charged and ready to install at time of shipping.
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