Braille 58lb, 1015cca, 100amp/hr 60 month warranty, GROUP 49

Braille 58lb, 1015cca, 100amp/hr 60 month warranty, GROUP 49
Price: $259.99
Group 49 1520 Cranking Amps 100 Amp/Hr Reserve 13.9” x 6.8” x 7.5" Right Side Positive B10049 - Features 1 Reserve Time in Reserve With over 100 Amp Hour Rating this powerful Endurance series battery has all the power you could want and more waiting for you. With power for any of your long-draw needs the 10049 the capacity of this model is the highest in our Advanced AGM line of batteries. 3 Race Winning Advanced AGM Design Enduring LeMans, Sliding in Formula D and Climbing Pikes Peak; Braille's "Advanced AGM" design is not just race inspired, it's race winning! AGM technology from Braille is chosen by the lightest, fastest and best performing super cars. 5 Saving Green Longer battery life equals less waste and lower cost to you. We keep the highest concern for the environment and quality by building the Endurance series with recycled lead & plastic. 2 No Corrosion, No Maintenance Technically registered as a "sealed valve regulated" design, this patented technology completely eliminates corrosion on terminals. This design is environmentally safe does not need filling and maintenance. 4 No Spill, Extra Safety Engineered to meet the strictest racing and street safety standards, the Endurance series is sealed to not leak acid on you or your vehicle. Eliminate the fear of acid spilling during installation and repair of your vehicle. 6 5 Year Warranty The 5 Year Pro Rated Warranty on this battery is just one indication of the quality and long life of this durable product.
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