Aluminum Crank Pulley, FWD 2.0 (underdrive)

Aluminum Crank Pulley, FWD 2.0 (underdrive)
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Aluminum crank pulley. Copied from VVL. Direct fit onto VE engines, will fit DE by adding oil pump drive/spacer. OEM pulley weighs 4 lbs 2 oz, this pulley weighs 1 lb, 2 oz.

For SR20DE and VE motors
  • Alternator belt with AC is 6pk990 or 6pk1000
  • Alternator belt w/o AC is 4pk800
  • PS belt can usually stay 4pk855, maybe 4pk865 with larger WP pulley.
  • Water pump w/o PS is 3pk0635 (Thanks Michael S)
For GTI-R with VE oil pump
  • Alternator w/o AC is 4pk824 or so
  • PS belt is 4pk920
Thanks to Matthew G for the GTI-R info.

** Front crank seal should always be replaced when installing a new pulley.

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